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What software or driver should I use to remap keys and program the RGB on my Akko keyboard?

  1. For VIA/QMK-supported keyboards, please use VIA software. You can find more information about this with this link: [VIA Link]. Note: VIA/QMK-supported keyboards don’t support other Akko Drivers. Vice versa, keyboards that support Akko Drivers don’t support QMK/VIA.
  2. If you own one of the following models: All B and B Plus keyboards, Mod series(003-008), PC series, ACR Pro series, ACR 75 v2, 3068S, 3084S, 5075S, 3108RF, and certain variants of 5108S/5087S, you can use the Akko Cloud Driver for key remapping and RGB programming.
  3. For the majority of wired 5108S/3098S/5087S models, the Akko Wired Manager 2.0 software is suitable for your needs.
  4. If you have the 3098N model, your keyboard is compatible with Akko Wireless Manager 1.0.
  5. Please be aware that for certain older models may not have driver support available. Please always refer to the official software pages or your product documentation for specific guidance, including ACR59/61/64/67/81/87/98/98 Mini, 3061S,3068V2,3084, 3087, 3108 and so on.

You can find all the Drivers on the Download Page here:


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