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My tracking number shows the package has not yet been picked up

Once the shipping status changes to “shipped” and a tracking number has been entered, which means the package is handed over to the carrier.

There are typically two main reasons if the tracking information doesn’t update:

  1. Initial Scan only available at final destination 

Sometimes the package is carried by multiple carriers. So you will be having different tracking ID throughout the entire logistic network.

However, Akko only enters the tracking ID for the LAST carrier.

For carriers like USPS, it will only be trackable once it reaches the destination sort facility.

The same situation includes, but not limited to Australia Post, DPD, DHL Paket (for EU countries), Canada Post and USPS. 

Users will need to wait at least 7-10 days before the package is scanned locally with final destination carrier. And the package should then be delivered in a few days.

For example, if the package was handed over to carrier on August 1st through Australia Post, and it will take 10 days to reach Australia.

From August 1st – 10th, users will see “the electronic shipping info has been collected”.

And once the item reaches Australia, the initial scan of pick-up will then be displayed.

2. Limited Air Shipping Capacity 

This happens frequently with DHL, where it could take up to a week for a specific package to successfully catch up the flight due to limited logistic capacity.


However, if the initial tracking of your package doesn’t take place for over 2 weeks after the tracking ID has been entered, please consult to ensure there isn’t any issue.

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