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How to disassemble a 5075 keyboard?

First of all, please note that any damage caused by improperly disassembling the keyboard is not covered by the warranty. You could find the warranty policy here: LINK.

Please note that opening the top cover of the 5075 QMK keyboard is not recommended without specialized tools. If you must open the top cover, care needs to be taken to ensure that you have a pry bar, otherwise, the clips are bound to break during removal.

It is important to be cautious while attempting to open the keyboard, as any unauthorized opening will immediately void the warranty. For detailed guidance on opening the keyboard, you can refer to this video tutorial: LINK. However, keep in mind that you should exercise extreme care when removing and installing the keyboard to avoid damaging the clips. During reassembly, avoid using brute force to snap the cover back in place. Instead, press one side and then the other gently. It is recommended to lift the lower case slightly and then press it back into place to ensure that it does not break when snapping the cover. Be sure to press it into place before you go to fit the other side.

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