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    Difference between Akko B series and B Plus series

    The B plus products (3084B Plus/PC75B Plus) still use multi-modes solutions from Beken with improvements on the 2.4G mode.

    Specifically, new features have been added:

    1. The plus version supports audio visualizer in 2.4G mode.
    2. Users can customize the idle time for 2.4G and Bluetooth mode in Akko cloud driver.
    3. Users can check real-time battery level in Akko cloud driver.
    4. Adjustable debounce: users can now adjust keyboard sensitivity. The keyboard will have a debounce time once you press any keys, which is simply the time takes for the MCU to process and transmit the signal. This function allows users to adjust the debounce time, which is ideal for gamers. Of course this will sometimes cause mis-typing. Users shall adjust the debounce time based on the typing environment.
    5. The keyboard will enter power saving mode in wireless mode when users turn off the backlight. Power-saving mode has optimized the operating current to 12mA / hour (users with non-Plus version can update to the latest firmware, and press and hold FN + right shift to enter the power-saving mode).

    Note: The B plus version uses an upgraded chip which is different from the regular B version. Users with the regular B version cannot realize features from B Plus version by upgrading firmware.

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