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Compatible Magnetic Switches for Akko Magnetic Keyboards.

Akko Magnetic Switches keyboards are designed to support downward-facing S-pole magnetic switches (eg: Latenpow Strawberry Switch, Outemu Beige Pink Switch, Kailh Source Series Flame Switch). If you intend to use switches from other brands, please be aware that some may have additional legs that need to be cut. It’s crucial to consider the structure of the magnet; for instance, a vertical magnet might not be compatible with a PCB that supports only horizontal magnets.

If you want to replace mechanical switches with Akko Magnetic Switches Keyboards, please note that we have two kinds of Magnetic Switches Keyboards:

  1. 8K Polling Rate Magnetic Switches Keyboards (only compatible with magnetic switches as noted above)
  2. 1K Polling Rate Magnetic Switches Keyboards (compatible with 3-pin mechanical switches as well)
    However, after replacing with mechanical switches, it is essential to calibrate the maximum travel. You can find this calibration option on the “About” page in the driver software. Please find more details here: When and How to Calibrate Akko Magnetic Switch Keyboard – A Critical Guide
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