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  • Dracula Castle 5075B Plus


    Akko Beken Plus multi-modes solution (2.4G/Bluetooth/Type-C);
    Gasket mount structure;
    PBT double shot ASA profile keycaps;
    Battery capacity: 3000mah;
    SMD LED RGB backlit;
    IXPE switch pad;
    Silicone plate foam;
    Polycarbonate plate;
    Silicone moulded case (for filling up) + separate case foam;
    5-pin gaming hot-swappable socket;
    Extra novelty keys;
    Software: Akko Cloud.

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    Gasket Mount 


    A gasket mount keyboard is a type of mechanical keyboard that uses a gasket material, such as silicone or neoprene, to create a “floating” mount for the switches. The gasket is placed between the plate and the PCB, which allows for a more flexible and cushioned typing experience.

    This design allows for more flex and cushioning, which can result in a softer typing experience.

    Double Shot Plate Mount Stabilizer 


    The stabilizer comes with POM housing and POM+TPU stem to minimize rattle and pings. They are Akko proprietary and meant to provide better out of box experiences.

    The keyboard also supports screw-in stabilizers.



    5075B Plus comes with Beken Plus chip with tri-modes solution  (2.4G/Bluetooth/Type-C).

    The solution is a convenient and versatile option for users who use multiple devices and want a keyboard that can easily switch between different modes of connectivity. The ability to connect using 2.4GHz wireless, Bluetooth, or Type-C makes these keyboards compatible with a wide range of devices, while the portability and battery life benefits make them a great choice for people who are frequently on-the-go.

    Akko V3 Cream Yellow Switch

    Type: Linear
    Operating Force: 50 ± 5gf
    Total Travel: 3.5±0.3mm
    Pre-Travel: 1.9±0.3mm
    Tactile Position:N/A
    End Force: 58gf ± 5gf

    Akko V3 Cream Blue Switch

    Type: Tactile
    Operating Force: 38 ± 5gf
    Total Travel: 3.5±0.3mm
    Pre-Travel: 2.0±0.3mm
    Tactile Position:0.5±0.3mm
    Tactile Force: 53 ± 5gf

    Switch Akko Haze Pink Silent/Akko CS Crystal/Akko CS Wine White
    Interface Wireless/Bluetooth/USB Type C
    Macro Akko Macro V1.0
    N-Key Rollover Supported
    Disable Winlock Supported
    Backlit RGB backlit
    Hot-Swappable Yes
    Model 5075B Plus
    Dimensions 2335*146*42mm
    Weight Approximately 1.5KG
    Material PBT Material
    Profile ASA
    Printing Technology Double-Shot
    Side-Printed N/A
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