World Tour-Tokyo R1 3087

World Tour-Tokyo R1 3087


The standard R1 version of the Tokyo World Tour series;

It does not have Japanese script and certain novelty keys like the R2 version. Apart from that, the R1 version is a great choice for users who do not need Japanese hiragana but enjoy Tokyo culture.

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Getting to Know the World through Keyboard

      The Akko World Tour series takes some famous cities in the world as the source of design inspiration, and use the latest dye-sublimation technology to vividly render their local cultural characteristics.
The World Tour series is dedicated to delivering products that is beyond a simple typing instrument, and could also serve as the medium of cultural communication and interaction.  This forms the unique keyboard design concept of Akko.

Mt.Fuji and Cherry Blossom – The Iconic Image of Tokyo

     Tokyo is viewed more of the symbol of modern Japanese culture than a city. Speaking of Tokyo, in addition to popular icons such as Tokyo Tower and Sky Tree, and Holy Land, the most well-known attraction is Mount Fuji. Akko took inspirations from the scenic spring view of Mt.Fuji and cherry blossoms and designed this World Tour-Tokyo keyboard.

Switch Akko Pink (MX Red Equivalent)/Akko Blue/Akko Orange (MX Brown Equivalent)/Cherry MX Red/Cherry MX Blue/Cherry MX Brown
Interface USB Type C
Macro Akko Macro V1.0
N-Key Rollover Supported
Disable Winlock Supported
Backlit No backlit/Support Led Mod by users with preserved LED slots
Model 3087
Dimensions 359*140*41mm
Weight Approximately 0.95KG
Material PBT Material
Profile OEM
Printing Technology Dye-Sublimation
Side-Printed N/A

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