ACR 98 Keyboard Bundle

ACR 98 Keyboard Bundle


Get a full keycap set, a prebuilt RGB hot-swappable keyboard and a matching coiled cable in a bundle!

Bundle List:
-Prebuilt RGB hot-swappable Acrylic Keyboard (Stacked Acrylic)
-Matching Color Akko Jelly Switches
-Coiled Cable
-Additional Dozens of Keycaps for Other Layouts (for example, 65%, 75%, TKL, 60%, 96% and full-size) in Future Build

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Switch Jelly Black/Jelly Blue/Jelly Pink/Jelly White
Interface USB Type C
Macro Akko Macro V1.0
N-Key Rollover Supported
Disable Winlock Supported
Backlit RGB backlit
Hot-Swappable Yes
Model ACR98
Dimensions 382*134*40mm
Weight Approximately1.1KG
Material PBT Material
Profile ASA
Printing Technology Double Shot
Side-Printed N/A