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    What Is Rapid Trigger (RT) and How Does It Benefit Gaming?

    Rapid Trigger (RT) is an innovative feature that amplifies the capabilities of magnetic switches, offering significant benefits to gamers. When RT is enabled, the fixed actuation points and reset points traditionally associated with switches are eliminated.

    With RT active, the magnetic switches respond to even the slightest downward and upward pressure. This means that triggers and resets occur almost instantaneously, unaffected by any keystroke-related latency factors. The result is an ultra-responsive gaming experience that aligns perfectly with the swift and precise actions demanded by certain games.

    RT’s impact is most pronounced in first-person shooter (FPS) games, where split-second reactions and precise shooting are critical. It also enhances performance in rhythm games like OSU and games that rely on WASD movement, delivering a competitive edge by reducing input delays and ensuring your in-game actions match your intentions with remarkable precision.

    You have different options to enable or disable RT, depending on your preference. You can turn it on or off in the driver, or you can use the shortcut key Fn+3 to switch to the preset game mode that activates RT. If you want to customize your own RT settings, you can modify it in the driver and save it in the custom mode. Once saved, you can call it by pressing Fn+4.

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