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The mounting structure of Akko PC75

Introduction on the Structure of Akko PC75.

PC75 uses 1.5mm polycarbonate plate for mass production. To maintain the stability of the product, we’ve adjusted the gasket structure from earlier design and changed to a leveled-Top mount structure.

Specifically, the plate and the bottom of the keyboard are isolated by the edges of the silicone. The top frame has direct contact with the polycarbonate plate to secure its position. The structure doesn’t have the upper gaskets as a gasket mount. Neither does it use screws for PCB fixation like tray mounts. Therefore, we define it as a levelled-top mounted mechanical keyboard.

The PC75 uses PC plate, switch pads and foams to reduce pings and improve the overall sound profiles and typing experiences.

PC is a new series of Akko keyboards that use polycarbonate on all applicable materials. Polycarbonate is harder than traditional ABS plastic, thicker and translucent to achieve outstanding RGB effects of your mechanical keyboard.

Below is a diagram for illustration:

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