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  • Magnetic Switches vs. Mechanical Switches: Understanding the Differences

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    To discern the disparities between magnetic switches and mechanical switches, consider the following aspects:

    1. Structural Distinctions: Magnetic switches rely on permanent magnets and springs, activated by sensing magnetic flux changes. On the other hand, mechanical switches employ metal shrapnel and springs, actuated by pressing metal sheet contacts.
    2. Customization of Actuation Points: Magnetic switches offer the ability to customize the actuation point and reset point for each key. In contrast, mechanical switches have fixed trigger points and reset points that cannot be adjusted.
    3. Gaming Benefits: Thanks to adjustable actuation points, Magnetic Switches can support features like Dynamic Keystroke(DKS) and Rapid Trigger (RT), enabling faster in-game actions. In contrast, mechanical switches have evolved to provide different superior sound or tactile feedback, making them a more suitable choice for office use.

    In essence, magnetic switches offer flexibility for gaming enthusiasts who desire precise control, while mechanical switches focus on providing an enhanced typing experience for office and general use. Understanding these differences will help you choose the switch type that best suits your specific needs.

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