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    How to remap key/change hotkeys in Akko Cloud Driver?

    You could remap any key on the Main-General page.

    For example, you want to remap “INS” key to “Home” key(for the little-size keyboard without some specific key).

    1)Click the “INS” key on the Main-General page.

    2)Choose “Home”  through the icon next to the blank “Enter the key”.

    3)Press confirm.

    Or you could set the Fn hotkey such as Fn+ “?”  as the “Home” on the Main-Custom mode page as below:

    1) Enter the Custom mode page, and press one key( yellow or green) you want to change.

    2)Choose the “Home” key through the icon next to the blank “Enter the key”.

    3)Press confirm.

    As you can see, you cannot program the red keys on the Custom Mode page since they are system hotkeys such as Fn+L, and Fn+O.

    If you still want to program them, you can enter the Alt+Custom Mode page. (only available for very few models)

    For some models such as ACR Pro 75/68 or 5075S, you can switch between the 2 custom modes by holding Fn first and pressing alt(not pressing together).

    For Mod 007S/3098B ,you can directly use the target key by pressing Alt+Fn+ the key you changed.


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