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    How do I fix a stuck or repeating key on my non-hot-swappable keyboard?

    If you’re experiencing a key that is either not registering or repeating when pressed on your mechanical keyboard, here are some solutions you can try:

    1. Blow Out the Switch with Compressed Air:
      • Remove the keycap of the problematic key.
      • Hold the keyboard vertically and use canned air to blow out any debris or dust that may be causing the issue.
      • Reattach the keycap and test the key’s functionality.
    2. Disassemble the Switch (If You Can):
      • This step requires caution and may void the warranty. If you’re unsure, contact support@akkogear.com.
      • Remove the keycap on the affected key and disassemble the switch using the appropriate tools.
      • Clean the switch housing with canned air, Q-tips, and rubbing alcohol.
      • Carefully reassemble the switch and replace the keycap.
      • Test the key’s functionality on your computer.

    If these steps don’t resolve the issue, you may need to consider replacing the switch. This process can be complex and may require soldering skills. It’s recommended to seek professional assistance or contact support@akkogear.com for further help.

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