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    Differences between 5075S kit and 5075S VIA.

    1. PCBA Orientation: The 5075S kit features a north-facing PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly), while the 5075S VIA has a south-facing PCBA. This difference in orientation refers to the direction in which the switches are mounted on the PCB.
    2. Key Remapping Software: The 5075S kit only supports the Akko Cloud Driver for remapping keys. This means you can use the Akko Cloud Driver software provided by Akko to customize and reassign key functions on the keyboard. On the other hand, the 5075S VIA variant exclusively supports VIA. VIA is a keyboard firmware and configuration tool that allows for advanced key remapping and customization. It provides a more extensive set of options for programming compared to the Akko Cloud Driver.

    It’s important to note that the choice between the 5075S kit and the 5075S VIA depends on your preferences and requirements for key remapping capabilities.

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