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Comparing Keycap Printing Methods


It is a printing type with two colors of plastic materials that are fused together such that one layer of plastic gets injected into the mold and the second plastic injected on top or around another color of plastic. It is considered to be one of the most reliable types of keycaps. Since the characters are at the top of the two fused layers, the legends will hardly fade away. The only disadvantage is the keycaps are made by the one-time molds, so the characters of legends cannot be modified. Once we need to add some new patterns on the keycaps, we need to make another mold.


A technology that uses hot energy to print the color on the keycaps. After the colors enter the material, the characters are also durable. Besides, the color of the characters is brighter after using sublimation technology. And the pattern can also be designed by ourselves. One of the disadvantages is that keycaps are out of shape easily because of the high temperature. With the high scrap rate of sublimation, therefore the cost is relatively high.

Laser engrave

A technology that burns the characters into the keyboard’s surface with lasers. It has a relatively low-cost. But the keycaps are worn easily. After some treatment, the lifetime of the keycaps will become longer. The most common treatment is called” Laser engrave with fuel injection.” This technology also suits the design of the character, pattern, and some demands special.

Screen printing

Using the silkscreen as the base and print the oil on the keycaps. Since the color of the keycaps may fade easily, therefore this method is suitable for side printed keycaps.

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