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This is a great collaboration! When I think of Spongebob, there’s one thing that pops up — Jelly fishing!


Color Scheme

Jelly fishing is a playful activity, which I think should be the main theme of the keyboard. I’m thinking of a keyboard that screams “FUN!” and “TROPICAL!”. Perhaps the color scheme could consist of: light blue(the sea), yellow(spongebob), pink(jellyfish). Although there is grass, I don’t think green would complement the other colors.

Additionally, I believe more complexity can be introduced by adding different shades of the same color. So for example we could have: pink, light pink, lighter pink, dark pink, light blue, lighter blue, etc… I feel that by adding this, it accentuates the livelihood of the keyboard and makes it less plain.

I think of perhaps taking a bit of inspiration from your Horizon keyboard? Maybe recreate how the keyboard captures elements of the setting-sun, but for jellyfish catching?


Custom Designed Keys

I would love to see custom designed keys on the keyboard! I’m not quite sure about what the spacebar should be. I was thinking it could have an image of spongebob trying to catch jellyfish but there’s a chance it would not let the color scheme of the keyboard speak for itself and “dull” the keyboard’s “flare”.

Another idea for the spacebar could be to have Spongebob’s smile on the spacebar? His iconic butt-tooth and dimples would be a clear indication of what the keyboard’s theme is! Of course, this would mean the spacebar would have to be yellow.

For ESC and arrow keys, I think of having illustrated jellyfish on them. The ESC could have a stationary jellyfish, while the arrow keys have them “moving”; the “up” arrow key could have a jellyfish swimming up, the left arrow could have one swimming left, and you get the idea. To show the movement of the jellyfish, maybe a bit of aerodynamics could be added, such that there would be a bit of “wind/currents” under the jellyfish’s tentacles.

For the delete/enter keys, I would love to see a jellyfish-catching net!


Wrist Rest

With grass not being incorporated into the keyboard, I think having the wrist rest portray an image of “spongebob catching jellyfish” would be nice. Having the green grass layer the bottom part of the wrist rest, while having Spongebob(and perhaps his friends) chase jellyfish on the grass comes to mind.



I think the mouse could be the same, however not have as many “custom designs”. Personally, I feel that it should be kept “clean”, as “over designing” the mouse takes away its appeal.


I think this would be a great addition to Akko keyboards as there has yet to be a very bright and colorful keyboard. I’m excited to see what your final product is! I hope even the tiniest bit of my ideas get considered by you.

Thank you for reading!