(Discontinued) Horizon 3084 SP

(Discontinued) Horizon 3084 SP


Inspired by sunrise at seashore and equipped with side-printed PBT keycaps, the keyboard restores the sunrise view of horizon at sea level.

Akko 3084SP is designed in a tenkeyless(TKL) layout and comes with the latest USB-C connection.

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About the Akko SP series

          SP (Special) is a unique design series of Akko side-printed family. Coupled with the novelty keycap set and our polished color combinations, the SP series highlights its motivation to turn designs alive, and make your life special.

Rising Horizon

     Inspired by sunrise at seashore and styled with blue/yellow colorway, the Akko “Horizon” keyboard restores the sunrise view of horizon at sea level. It is where the ocean meets the sky, and brings beauty and peace.

Switch Cherry MX Red/Cherry MX Brown/Cherry MX Blue
Interface USB Type C
Macro Akko Macro V1.0
N-Key Rollover Supported
Disable Winlock Supported
Backlit No backlit/Support Led Mod by users with preserved LED slots
Hot-Swappable N/A
Model 3084
Dimensions 315*126*28mm
Weight Approximately 0.85KG
Material PBT Material
Profile OEM
Printing Technology Dye-Sublimation
Side-Printed Yes